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Puerto Rico
WIP... (idk when im gonna do it tho.)


This ish blue walking dog. He just curious. >:v

But yeah there are a few things that are sorta off but ther're not that noticible i guess...

doodle drawn by: :icontyphloid:

editing done by: :iconjeanhunter: please give this nigerian some love (i'm serious go check him out, if you want).
Top quality tittle right there IT'S REAL NIGGA HOURS ALL DAY (not really o~o').
Lucario Icon this bipedal dog jackal thingy belongs to gamefreak.
Iz dis mudkipz liked enough?
Some dude requested me back in 2015 to draw a mudkip so i thought up this... fancy ass motherfucker here tiem for BRUNCH, old chap .
Pixalated Mudkip Gif belongs to Gamefreak.
Some weird anthro shadow lugia thingy (old)
Idk why did i even decided making this back in the day it was made but here it is, the lines are a bit rough but this was an old drawing so yeh... :V

Shadow Lugia Animation  belongs to GameFreak.  
Megaman.exe Icon Test
This was just something i was trying out but... It's kinda alright for my first try makin an icon for myself but eh... iz gud. This is going to be a temporary icon i might need to update this at a later date (or not) and probably make this avaible to people (even tho it's just a simple blink animation i wish i could add more). Luke Scratches His Head 

i would love some feedback if anyone is reading this :3 

Saito is Boxing belongs to Capcom.
Request: Cuili as a lucario
This was a miiverse request i made back in 2015 when i had no ideas for a drawing, i don't really know this persons devianart account but if he has one i'll leave a link for him.

i love how this one turned out exept for the hips and legs, they look... very off but whatever it turned out *clicks tounge* Michael Rosen Nice Emote. Never skip leg day ladies and gentelmen.

*insert person who requested this here*
#448 Lucario belongs to gamefreak


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